How to pick a great domain?

Choosing brand name

There are millions of companies. If you want to stand out, your brand name better be unforgettable.

Brand name types

These two videos enable you to choose a great brand name. They stand out, because millions of people found those videos useful. However, they only provide a structure of a good brand name.Good brand names follow on of the 7 types of brand names.

Structure for brand name
Choosing a great name

Step by step for successful brand creation

However, the most useful video of all, is this. Accomplished psychologist is explaining perception of brand names and giving advice on how to choose the right one.

Choosing the right name from psychological POV

After the research, these are the steps for a successful brand creation:

  1. Describe a problem that your brand is solving and convert it into your vision
  2. List the keywords around your vision – simply write in few words all the activities or accomplishments of your future work
  3. Check if any of those keywords are already available as domain
  4. If not, try combination of words, adding, removing or replacing letters
  5. Choose the available domain and register it before somebody else does (good domains are not easy to catch)

Choosing an unforgettable brand name

But how to make the brand name unforgettable? Your brand must accomplish these two factors:

  1. Be understandable fast – brain takes 5 seconds to perceive average brand meaning. Most companies don’t have the luxury of 5 seconds, so try to cut it short
  2. Meaningful brand names are memorised faster, e.g. Bank of America, American airlines, etc.
  3. Brands with repetitive, funny sounds are perceived faster, e.g. Google, Kodak, Xerox, etc.

How did I choose my company name?

I followed the steps from the PROs and it led me to these keywords:

Keywords for digital marketing

These keywords the let me to following domains that were available:

Domains available based on my keywords

I didn’t like most of the available domains and those that I liked were not available. However, I chose a brand name that stood out from the crowd: it has nice sound to it as well as is very meaningful:

It’s not a perfect domain for my brand, but from those available, it’s really good! I fully recommend to follow the same approach and best of luck in finding your perfect brand that is also unforgettable.

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